August 21, 2012
Meeting with the editors

We have been having frequent meetings to get this project going. It stared as were were both working on the Response Magazine in July 2012. This is a publication made by Fabrica volunteers that comes out in three editions a year, one for each show.  Both of us really liked working on the publication and have different interests, but had ideas of how the response could be developed. It did not take long before we decided that we wanted to try to start our own publication. As we both have an interest in photography we felt that to time the first edition with the Brighton Photo Fringe made sense so that is what we are now working towards. 

Looking for submissions..

Introdex is looking for work to feature in a new printed magazine due to launch in October 2012.

We are looking for your reviews on art and cultural events, visual pieces, comments on your own resent or upcoming projects.

It has time based media and creative/critical writing at the nodal point and we would also like to hear about up coming events that you would like us to feature on our events page. Each contributor will also have a small paragraph with their name and contact details, so it is a great way to be seen. 

The theme for this issue Predecessor and Descendant 

Please send you submission to 

Deadline 8 September 2012.